Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Value of a Heart

Recently I have done a lot of thinking about what we value in this life and the things we take for granted as humans. This subject was brought to me by a couple of close experiences I have had in the past month.
First and most of all is my grandfather. He is 88 years old and over the past six months his health has been greatly deteriorating. He has been very sick and losing most of his ability to care for him self. I can only imagine what that must feel like. All his life my grandfather was the strong one, the caregiver, the one who looked after and took care of everyone in our family. Now he has to rely on others to care for him, even provide his basic needs. It breaks my heart to see him so vulnerable and weak. To see in his eyes the pride that has been stripped away from him with age. Unfortunately we as humans take those basic things for granted. Also the main human instincts kick in and greed and control take us over. What really boggles my mind is how, because my grandfather is a wealthy man, the first thing people think is what is he leaving to me. Really? Are we that cold and calculated. I can't get over this. He is still alive, he still has a wealth of experience and knowledge and love. I owe my grandfather so much. He loved me my whole life, taught me, helped me, cared for me. I don't care about his worldly possessions, I have been given the most valuable gift, Love. No one can take away my memories, my vision of him. I want nothing but for him to know how much I love and value his life and what a impact he has had on mine. That my friends is priceless. This leads me to my subject, what is the value of a heart?
Can we put a price on the organ that keeps us alive, that gives us hope and happiness, faith and love. Do we put a price on a life or soul. Who are we to do so? It is so sad to me that in this life, which is short and not guaranteed we value innate objects over each other. Can you put a price on a memory? I can't I hope that the rest of my life is filled with memories and love for my fellow man. I would rather be poor and loved then rich and cold hearted.
So during this season of good will toward men, open your heart. Don't focus on the present or presents. Focus on loving one another, no fear, no thought, just love. Be open to what is given to you everyday, take it all in. Know the value of your own heart.

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