Sunday, June 3, 2012

Simple Pleasures

This weekend my daughter moved out of her toddler bed into a full size bed ( big girl bed). It is so amazing to me to see how the small things in life for a child are enormous. The older we get the more it takes to make us truly happy. I love how being a mother allows me to see the world through my daughter's eyes. The eyes of innocence, love, adventure, amazement at all the new experiences she has. I get to relive being young again. When she does something or sees something for the first time,she is so excited and happy and just full of joy. It is a contagious feeling. She brightens every minute of my life. Sometimes I just sit back and think how lucky I am to have her in my life. How lucky I am to be a mother. Adults get so caught up in their jobs, money, stresses, drama, and silly things we sometimes forget how to be a kid and be silly and breath in the true moments of life. Through my daughter I am taken  away to a dreamlike state where I recall my childhood, a sound, a place, a smell takes me back in time. We all expect others to make us happy or money or material things to fill up our lives. Why? I don't understand it. Its the non material things in this world that make us the happiest. Love, Faith, Joy, Laughter the most valuable things we have, but we take them for granted. The best times in my life cost nothing, the birth of my daughter, picking fruit from my grandfathers garden when I was a child, a walk around the block with my grandmother the most precious memories are priceless. If we could just focus on those things and let go of the day to day burden that society enforces on us, then we would truly know the happiness of a child. We would love more, laugh harder, and live longer by being ourselves and truly free.

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