Monday, May 21, 2012


Is it too much to ask for a warm embrace?
The liberating touch of love, a smile on your face.
I long for that unbridled infatuation,
Someone who can't take their gaze away from mine
A kindred soul, a undecidable connection
Someone to read me poetry, sing me a lullaby
Does that form of love even exist?
Fate inspired, immediate spark
That can't be extinguished even with a wave of strife
Selfless, unleashed, unbreakable love
The type that moves mountains, that stops the heart
Making those souls unable to be apart
In this world today is it so hard to believe
It once existed, no games, no drama
A simple exchange of a smile, or glance
That moves the sun and moon, and never looks back
Once it was so simple, so easy to do
Now seems so complicated, so hard
Too many choices, temptations, sins
Never loyal, always with wondering eyes
Why? What happened to true love?
Has it been taken away by the lust, and perversion of this society
Find me a old soul, one who lets all inhibition go
Worship and cherish my soul, and I will do the same
Believe in Fate, love, the unseen
All material worldly goods mean nothing,
When that is found, there I will be
A dreamer, a lover, a fighter 
That is me.

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